Shahid, Ranbir and Imran

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The ultimate hero of Bollywood, Dilip Kumar is all set to make a stunning comeback and will have young actors like Ranbir, Shahid and Imran working with him.

When contacted Subhash Ghai confirmed the news, adding, “I had always wanted him (Dilip Kumar) to work again and why not? He has been a great actor and can still do wonders. Dilip Saab has kept himself away from the scene for many years. But I was persistent and kept insisting that he should start working once again and Dilip Saab agreed. We share a great comfort level; he has worked with me in three films – Vidhata, Karma and Saudagar. I explored a subject and a plot that would suit his calibre and legendary stature, and I am working on the script right now.”

The movie is three youngsters and their aging old grandfather. All the youngsters have chosen different paths of life for themselves as one is a police officer, the other is a mentally retarded and the last one is a thief. And Dilip Kumar has to decide who he should leave his wealth to.