“I’m not seeing him”

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She’s the daughter of the badminton champ Prakash Padukone. Now, she has her own calling card. After reigning the couture ramps as the nation’s numero uno supermodel, the movies were as inevitable as rainfall in June. She makes her movie debut as Shah Rukh Khan’s heroine in his home production Om Shanti Om.

On the private front, she was harnessed to aspiring actor Nihar Pandya. But he’s history now. Instead, the beauteous one has been gobbling up newsprint because of her relationship (sorry..sorry.. friendship) with Ranbir Kapoor. Pyar kiya to darna kya? Don’t know about that.. but here’s Deepika Padukone in a gabfest with Vajir Singh.

Why beat around the bush? Aren’t you dating Ranbir Kapoor?

Am I?


No, we’re just friends.

Please spare me the world’s biggest cliché.

(Amused) I’m not seeing him. We’ve known each other for a while.. we get along very well, we’re friends. Is that a crime? But the media thinks differently. They and that includes you guys.. .. are concocting a story that doesn’t exist.

Thanks.. but Ranbir and you haven’t even worked together. Where did you meet up?

At a social gathering. We gelled very well, since then we’ve been friends. It’s really all about the company you like to keep. You know what? I treat him the way I treat my other friends.

Like what? You say, “Go, get a coffee for me”?

Yes. And why not? After all, he’s my friend.. nothing wrong with chatting over a cup of coffee.

What about the story about you walking with him into a five-star hotel, well past midnight?

We were in a group.. and what does time have anything to do with it?

Well.. the hand-in-hand scenario.

Ha! Listen, the media is going berserk. Today, if I walk into any place hand-in-hand even with a girlfriend, the next day there will be reports that I was with Ranbir.. hand-in-hand. No one sees our other friends who’re constantly with us. We’re always in a group. But it’s made out as if there were only the two of us. Not done!

Do you both laugh about what’s printed the next morning in the papers?

What’s there to laugh about? We both know it’s not true. We just read it the stuff.. and that’s it.

Who are the other friends in this group?


Aren’t Priyanka Chopra and Harman Baweja part of this group?

Now, this is a bit much.