Kahani mein twist

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Ranbir Kapoor refused to star in Kunal Kohli’s next since he wanted some major changes in the script, which he thought was too hackneyed.
By Parag Maniar

While most know that Ranbir Kapoor turned down the offer to star in Kunal Kohli’s next romantic comedy, not many know the reason for Ranbir’s refusal.Kunal had approached Ranbir to play the lead in his next film, which is being produced by Reliance’s Big Entertainment with whom Kunal has signed a three-film deal.According to a reliable source, the real reason why Ranbir refused Kunal’s film was because the young actor wanted some major changes in the script.A source close to the actor said, “Ranbir was not too excited about the subject of Kunal’s romantic comedy. Ranbir felt that the audience’s taste had changed and they didn’t want to see the cliched stuff over and over again.That’s when Ranbir told Kunal to make some changes in the script to which Kunal agreed albeit reluctantly.”

Ranbir and Kunal had another meeting after the required changes were made in the script. “To Kunal’s dismay, Ranbir was still not happy with the script. Kunal attempted to make Ranbir see things from his perspective but Ranbir refused to relent.Kunal even tried to reason with Ranbir by citing several examples of how Yash Raj Films have had similar themes told in different ways.Ranbir continued to be unconvinced as he firmly believes that hackneyed story lines do not work with the new generation. Ranbir told Kunal that only a fresh story line would work,” added our source.This time, Kunal refused to buy Ranbir’s argument. “Kunal’s opinion was that the taste of the Indian viewers will never change and that hackneyed plots still went down well with the masses.Unfortunately, the lengthy discussion was a futile attempt by Kunal. A trifle irritated Kunal compared Ranbir to his father Rishi Kapoor.The director told Ranbir that though his father had been a superstar, Ranbir still had a long way to go as an actor.This did not go down well with Ranbir who has always maintained that he wants to star in films that were different from the ones that his father had done over the years,” said our source.

“Now, Kunal Kohli is currently considering either Imran Khan or Shahid Kapur to play the lead actor in his forthcoming film. But he has not approached them as yet,” said the source.

When contacted, Kunal said, “I haven’t completed the script so approaching Ranbir or anybody else is out of question.”

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