My fair lady

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Nihar Pandya still hasn’t quite forgotten his ex-flame Deepika Padukone. Apparently he confronted her current boyfriend, Ranbir Kapoor (son of Rishi Kapoor), in Bandra, a few days ago. Nihar, already hurt when Deepika called off their relationship, could not bear it any more when his friends gave him news of Ranbir and Deepika hanging out together.

Deepika and Ranbir were spotted at 3 am at a coffee shop in a five-star suburban hotel by Nihar Pandya’s friends. When the news reached Nihar, he was furious and confronted the two the next day at Mount Mary Street.

A source, who witnessed the entire incident, says, “Ranbir and Deepika were in their car driving down Mount Mary Street when her ex-boyfriend Nihar Pandya confronted them. Ranbir reacted saying that if Deepika wanted to go with Nihar, he wouldn’t stop her. To this, Deepika said that she had never been involved with Nihar. This was news to everyone, including Nihar. In fact, when she was seeing him, she had the full support of his family as she was new to the city then. Everyone knows about them as they were a regular and known couple in the party circuits.”

The source adds, “The argument between the two men was a heated one and it ended up in a fistfight. It was a really dramatic turn of events, that too in full public view, on the street. It even attracted a small crowd there, and people stood around watching the scene.”

When we contacted Deepika, she was guarded in her reply. All she said, before hanging up, was, “I am not going to discuss my personal life with you.”