RK & Dada’s bond

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Trust… complete trust. I trust him, he trusts me… it’s blind trust. I don’t think any other actor will trust me as much as Ranbir does. And because he trusts me so much, there’s pressure on me to deliver. I know for sure that nothing — success or failure — is going to come between us. Both of us look forward to going on set and working together… that excitement is still there. Even after making two films, we still want to make more films together. That’s what is special, I think. He compels me to think about him when I am writing a character. But it’s not that we socialise off set. I am an introvert and I don’t really mix around too much. When we are not working with each other, we don’t call each other often. It’s a very strange relationship. We are close, but we aren’t pals. He respects me and there’s a distance too between us. It’s not like the friendship Ranbir shares with Ayan. They are pal-pals.

Anurag Basu