“I won’t say Deepika is my lucky mascot”

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This Kapoor scion has what it takes — good looks, plenty of chutzpah and acting acumen — which puts him way ahead of his peers. He also has impeccable manners and a sense of modesty, which make him all the more endearing.

That’s Ranbir Kapoor, the Bollywood sensation, who, after sweeping the pretty maidens off their feet, has now bagged yet another best debut award in Bangkok. In a heart-to-heart with PT, Ranbir shares his thoughts…

How do you plan to celebrate after winning the best debut award in Bangkok?

We celebrated all night after the awards function. But, my private celebration will begin by going back to work. After every such recognition, people’s expectations from you increase and you have to work harder to live up to them.

Ever since your arrival in the film industry, you have made quite a few stars insecure…

Some people said Saawariya was a flop film, but I am getting recognition because of that film. I don’t think anybody is insecure because of that. I don’t even dwell on such things. The industry is big enough to accommodate everyone.

We saw a love-struck Ranbir Kapoor in Saawariya. How different is your next film Bachna Ae Haseeno going to be?

Saawariya was about love in its eternal form. Nothing can be more pure or pristine than that, while Bachna Ae…is about love in its practical form. It’s a film that the youth of today will be able to identify with.

You are also doing Prakash Jha’s film Rajneeti, which is based on stark reality. Aren’t you scared to deviate from the tried and tested romantic genre?

Not at all! You can’t categorise films into narrow genres. I have always admired Prakash Jha’s style of working and his kind of cinema. I am actually looking forward to doing his film, which portrays life in its realistic form.

Ever since you and Deepika Padukone came together, you have won a lot of awards, including the Filmfare Award. Is she your lucky mascot?

I won’t say she’s my lucky mascot! I did Saawariya before we started seeing each other. And, I have got all the awards due to that film and not because of someone who’s in my life.

How do you make time for each other with such hectic work schedules?

It’s not easy! But, when you are in a relationship, you have to make time for the person you love. We meet as and when possible. This award function in Bangkok was a boon in disguise, because she was there too. But, there are other ways of communicating — through internet and cellphone.

You have been tagged as a mama’s boy. Does that bug you or please you?

Of course, I am proud of the fact that I am closest to my mom. She’s the most important person in my life, and I can do anything for her.

How do you stay so rooted in this day and age when people get carried away by a whiff of success?

I guess it’s because I have been brought up in a family where success and failure are treated with equal nonchalance. So, I don’t believe in changing as a person just because I have got a big project or an award.

Bollywood today is divided into different camps. Any chances of you starting a Kapoor camp?

A camp is formed when you are comfortable working with a particular group of directors. I am too new for that, and I want to work with all of them. Maybe a couple of years down the line, I will be able to answer this.

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