“I will be a superstar one day” – RK

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In just six years (since Saawariya in 2007), the kind of fame Ranbir Kapoor has found is phenomenal. But with fame comes attention, some of which you don’t want. Yet, Ranbir has a good head on his shoulders as he candidly talks about the Katrina Kaif link-up, paparazzi pictures from Ibiza, and wanting to get married and have kids.

You’re hailed as the next superstar. Has the realisation sunk in?
I think it never sinks in. My last film did well, but there are so many elements to it. Actors get too much of the credit. But I have a reality check. I’m not a superstar yet; I will be a superstar one day, but I need a large body of work to get there… I’ve just started, and haven’t achieved a fraction of what others have.

But you’re seen as a challenger to the reign of the Khans.
I don’t think I have challenged anyone. I can’t challenge the Khans because no one can take their place.

With acting, and now production on your plate, are you left with time to focus on your personal life?
I’m doing two films a year, so I do have time. I want to give back to society, play football, spend time with my parents, and eventually get married and have a family.

You’re saying the “marriage” word at a time when link-up stories about you are doing the rounds.
If I don’t say anything, people will still make up a story. Right now, there are no plans. It’ll happen eventually… I want to have a family, I want to have a wife, I want to have children.

And is Katrina Kaif a candidate for marriage?
I don’t want my life to be a reality show. So I’d rather leave this to you to make up. The less I speak about my personal life, the better it is.

But the pictures from Ibiza, and the ones clicked outside your home seem to confirm you’re in a relationship with her.
I’m not denying anything. About the Ibiza picture, I don’t have a problem if you speak or write about it, but I don’t need to clarify. When you’re in a relationship with someone and that doesn’t turn into marriage, this society is very judgmental, especially towards the women. It’s unfair. So, the next time I speak about a woman in my life, it’ll be about my wife.

You don’t seem to subscribe to the conventional PR machinery to stay in the news.
I don’t need PR. There is so much said about me, some true, some untrue. There are stars who talk so much about themselves and what films they are doing that it becomes a bit pompous. I like to stay away and keep a little bit of mystery alive.

You’re turning producer (with director Anurag Basu) at a time when the rupee is falling and the economy struggling. Isn’t that a bit of a risk?
Good economy, bad economy…Indians will always watch movies. I think we are a great industry that entertains people in good times and in bad. I don’t have to rethink things because the economy is in bad shape; I just need to make honest films.

In the past, you’ve said you want to revive the family banner, RK Films. Why start an independent production house then?
RK Films is represented by Raj Kapoor and his movies. I wanted to do something independently with Anurag Basu. RK Films comprises four partners — my father (Rishi Kapoor), my uncles (Randhir and Rajiv Kapoor) and my grandmother (Krishna Raj Kapoor). I thought it was unfair for Anurag Basu to direct movies under that banner. He’s earned the right to produce a film.

What drew you to do Besharam?
Abhinav Kashyap came to me with a script which I found simple and entertaining. I like him as a person, and I think he is honest, so I thought collaborating with him would be interesting. Having said that, I think it’s a hard genre, because you play a larger-than-life character, with dialoguebazi and herogiri. You have to come out of your comfort zone and play to the gallery.

Abhinav recently said that it’s a spoof of Dabangg (2010).
My father’s character is Chulbul Chautala and my mother’s is Bulbul Chuatala, and they are playing corrupt cops… But I don’t think we are spoofing anything.

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