I want my own style: Ranbir

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Ranbir Kapoor has been dodging the media for a long time. When Sanjay Leela Bhansali promised him a dream launch, Saawariya, he was clear that the Kapoor scion will have to keep a low profile. But now that the no-interview phase is over, Ranbir is proving that he is a true blue Kapoor. Natural before the camera and comfortable while facing the press, Ranbir talks exclusively to DT as he celebrates his 25th birthday.

25 and raring to go…
“Birthdays depress me,” is what Ranbir says as we congratulate him. “One has too many expectations from the day and it never lives up to them. I don’t celebrate my birthday and never throw a party. I just go out for dinner with my family. Probably, I will do the same today too.” A youngster who doesn’t like partying? Ranbir smiles and adds, “I will also go to the temple. I’m extremely religious, god fearing and god loving.”

Following the family
It must have been a given that Ranbir will join Bollywood one day, given his lineage? “Yeah. But I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to take up production or acting. I don’t know when I started thinking of only acting,” he admits. But once he decided, there was no dearth of inspiration. “I have been inspired by the entire Kapoor khandaan, starting from my grandfather Raj Kapoor to dad Rishi Kapoor. In fact, my grandfather is my idol. I look up to all his films. Dad is my favourite actor and my mother Neetu Singh is my most favourite person in the world. I especially like Dad’s Karz, Prem Rog and Chandni. And I feel Mom was great in Kabhi Kabhie and Khel Khel Mein.”

My style
Ask him if he will follow his parents’ style of acting and he says, “I look like my mom and I smile and talk like my dad. But when it comes to acting, I think I would evolve my own style. And frankly speaking, I don’t think my parents had any particular style of acting. So while their personalities may rub on me, I would want to have a distinct identity of my own too.”

Dad’s the way
If you think that Ranbir is individualistic, he has only his parents to thank for it. “I never took any specific help from my parents while shooting for the movie. When I was shooting my first song, I was very nervous and messaged my father. He messaged back and told me to buck up in such a nice way that it didn’t feel like advice,” Ranbir says. So, is he game to work with his family in the next RK film? “Yes, we are working on an RK film, but nothing has been finalised till now. I will most probably work in it. But beyond that, I am not strategising my career. I’m just taking it as it comes. If there is a good script, I will accept it.”

Capping it with football
But beyond films, what interests Ranbir? “Football… I am crazy about it,” he says. And what is his take on cricket and the T20 championship? “I missed the match because I was shooting but I heard the crackers and noises of celebrations,” he says. On the fashion front, he says, “The only fashion accessory I collect are caps. I have a huge cabinet at home with all kinds of caps in it. Collecting caps has been my passion since childhood. Even now, I keep buying them.”

By:Piyali Dasgupta/TNN