‘Thank you God, thank you Mom’

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One look at the comfort level between the mother-son duo of Neetu Kapoor and Ranbir Kapoor and you don’t feel the age difference.

It’s more like the two are friends, buddies who know each other inside out. One Knows what the other is thinking, is going to say, wants to say. For every time we put forth a question to Neetu, Ranbir would take the lead and answer, and mother dearest would agree.

“When we go out for dinner, I don’t even order for myself. I let Ranbir do the ordering, I know he’ll choose what I like,” Neetu smiles, adding, “My kids know a lot about me.” Such is the camaraderie between the two.
Ranbir admits he’s mama’s boy ’coz daddy Rishi Kapoor wasn’t around too much during his growing up years. And Neetu chose to be a full-time mother to daughter Riddhima and son Ranbir. “It’s essential to be connected to your children,” she states. That’s also the reason the two share an “open relationship” and discuss life, movies and almost any topic under the sun.

So what’s Ranbir going to do today to make Mother’s day special for Neetu? “Nothing in particular, ’coz I love Mom just as much every day of the year. Every night before going to sleep I say, ‘Thank you God, thank you Mom’.”

Neetu Kapoor
Ranbir as a child…
It was easy bringing up both my children, neither of them were the rebellious kind. Ranbir was a good student, but was more interested in sports and other extra-curricular activities. To which Ranbir adds, with a smile: ‘Actually, I was quite notorious, but mom wouldn’t know!’

The best gift that Ranbir has given you…
Ranbir used to make me wonderful cards as a small boy. I still treasure those. It’s not materialistic at all, just a pure sense of love and gratitude. The way Ranbir is, is the best gift for me.

Your fondest memory of Ranbir as a child…
Ranbir never got angry; even when I used to shout at him, he would pull my cheeks and say ‘Mom, you look so cute when you are angry!’

When Ranbir got naughty, how would you teach him a lesson?
Ranbir was very scared of the dark, so if he misbehaved, I would lock him in the bathroom for 10 seconds and shut off the lights.

Was there sibling rivalry between Ranbir and Riddhima during their growing up years?
In front of me, the two were extremely sweet to each other, but I was told that the moment I left the house, the two would be at each other! Of course, he used to trouble her like all brothers trouble their sisters, but those were cute fights.

Ranbir Kapoor
Do you speak to your mother about relationship problems?
Mom is my best friend, and I can talk to her about almost anything. Except the guy stuff, you know.
To which Neetu adds: “I don’t interfere in his personal life, but I do guide him and give him my opinion on professional matters. But the choices he makes are ultimately his own.”

What’s the best advice your mother has given you?
Ever since I was a child, my mother used to tell me ‘Handsome is what handsome does’. What makes a man a class apart is what he does. Mom always pushed me to become a complete man.

From school boy to the teen years and beyond, some memories…
When I was in school, my deadline to be home was 7 pm! As I grew older, it went to 8, 9, 10 and then later. But after saying ‘Good Night’, I used to quietly sneak out and go out again. Since I stayed in a bungalow, it wasn’t that difficult.

As a child, did you get pocket money or were you treated as a star kid?
Mom was quite money-wise, and there were restrictions even with our pocket-money. We got just as much as we needed, nothing extra. In fact, I used to get pocket money till Saawariya! But that’s why both Riddhima and I have value for money.

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