“Take it from me”

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Bollywood’s latest poster boy of romance, Ranbir Kapoor, gives you advice that works. And it doesn’t hurt to get a body like his.

Romance runs in Ranbir Kapoor’s veins-his father Rishi Kapoor was synonymous with the word in his heydays. To turn himself into a package women would love to get their hands on, the Saawariya star also worked hard on his body before stepping in front of the camera. Add to that his innate sense of chivalry, and you know why this self-confessed shy guy appeals so much to the girls. Take a leaf out of his book.

On popularity among girls
I think the best way to handle female attention is to enjoy it. God has been kind to me. I worked hard on my first film and girls like me. But isn’t that the whole idea of being an actor? To enjoy female adulation? Seriously, you must smile and be natural around girls. The best way to let a girl know you’re interested in her is to be spontaneous and to listen to her closely.

On chivalry
Even in this day and age, being chivalrous is good. It never went out of style. Personally, on a date, I don’t like it if the girl offers to pick up the tab. I am old-fashioned in this regard.

On romance
By being romantic, you don’t lose your macho touch and image. I love to be romanced and to romance. I’ve never done anything crazy in my life but once my tooth was really hurting and my girlfriend at the time kept her hand by my cheek the whole night. I was touched to see her when I woke up in the morning. But be aware of the fine line between being romantic and corny.

On health goals
I don’t have any major problems, thanks to my mother’s blessings and a healthy diet. But we do have a history of weight and arthritis from my father’s side. I am mindful of that.

You should take care of yourself when you are young and healthy. Get 8-10 hours of sleep a day, along with following a balanced diet. Get involved in some form of exercise or sport.

For me, at 25, life is one big party. But you have to cultivate good habits now, not leave it till you are 50. This is the right time to decide your plan of action regarding your career and health, and create a perfect balance between both. Only then will you grow older in good health.

On weight control
My face tends to plump up very quickly, but thankfully, any extra weight I gain does not stick so easily on my body. I find it hard to put on muscle, but I can lose weight easily. But excess carbohydrates, fatty foods and alcohol all show up on my face.

However, even if you don’t have that problem, you should avoid an excess of all these things. When I shoot for a film, I cut salt out of my diet and shun carbs after 7pm. When I’m not working, I’m not so hard on myself, though.

I’ve inherited a passion for food from my father-Peshawari, pastas, junglee mutton, everything appeals to me. Thanks to my dad’s keen interest in food, I have even eaten ox’s knuckles in New York. My mother, on the other hand, pushes me to go to the gym whenever I’m lax and she also keeps an eye on my diet. Together, it’s a good balance of food and exercise.

More than your gym routines, it’s eating right that matters. Don’t stuff yourself: five to six small meals a day are perfect.

On a diet plan
My diet plan is designed by my mother. I start the day with a glass of sweet lime juice, followed by a vegetable juice made of spinach, bottle gourd or carrots.

My breakfast consists of two egg whites and a slice of wholewheat bread. A protein shake mid-morning comes next. Lunch is a glass of flax seeds in water and some grilled chicken, vegetables with two chapatis made of bran, nachni, besan and jowar flour and some brown rice.

I don’t have tea or coffee but a protein shake or a vegetable or chicken sandwich around 4pm. Dinner is largely the same as lunch, sans the carbs. I eat junk food, too, but don’t overdo it. And no, I don’t work out harder after a night of bingeing.

On his philosophy
I’m not the fighting sort, as I’ve grown up in an environment where there has been discord between my parents. Personally, I’m a peacemaker, very Gandhian in my approach. I read a brilliant saying once: “Instead of putting people in their place, try and put yourself in their place.”

Having an opinion is great, but there is no need for a screaming match-at home or elsewhere. You can have a healthy discussion over a cup of tea.

On drastic physical changes
I’m playing characters my own age, so drastic physical changes are not required. At the same time, though I’ve been blessed with good genes, I wouldn’t take my looks for granted. It’s all about constant reinvention.

On unwinding
After a long day, there’s nothing like a hot shower, loose boxers, good food and television to unwind. You should try hot showers. They are great!

On vanity
It’s important to be vain. Work on your look so that you are not insecure about your appearance. This involves both grooming and fitness. You might even get a pedicure and manicure. I do, and I think it’s hygienic rather than sissy. Don’t go as far as plucking your eyebrows, though.

Looking after yourself and developing your style is not just a woman’s domain, it’s yours, too.

On having a good behind
My butt looks good in the film because of the lights and the camera, though I think I have a flat behind!

I do believe women check out male behinds, because it’s a visual treat for them, though I myself haven’t had the pleasure of being checked out yet! But if you catch a lady looking, compliment her eyes and engage her in conversation.

And to make sure you are in that position, build your butt with squats and lunges (3 sets and 15 repetitions each) and increase the weight till you maximise the strength to tone your glutes. And don’t forget the moisturiser!

On fashion
Set your own trends. Expensive doesn’t necessarily mean fashionable. The towel is a fashionable thing to talk about after I dropped mine in Saawariya!

Get fit with Ranbir

RK recommends Chest press
Why it’s good for him: Gives him that big chest for the fragile heroine to lay her head on.
How you should do it: To bulk up a puny chest, do it with a barbell. To achieve more muscle definition, do it with barbells, on either an incline or a decline bench.

RK recommends Squats
Why it’s good for him: Helps build powerful legs above those dancing shoes.
How you should do it: Free squats (without weights) mainly work your upper legs. Squats with weights add resistance to your workout, lead to muscle mass and strengthen your lower back muscles. Keep your back straight while doing squats with weights.

RK recommends Pullups
Why it’s good for him: Works his triceps and shoulders.
How you should do it: Strengthening these two muscle groups helps your overall workout. Close-grip pullups work the triceps and inner chest; shoulder-width works your shoulders more; and wider than shoulder-width works your lats and trapezius muscles.

RK recommends Pushups
Why it’s good for him: Again works his arms and chest.
How you should do it: This is a great exercise for strength gain. Depending on whether you place your palms close together or at shoulder-width, you work various muscles of the upper body.

RK recommends Crunches
Why it’s good for him: Gives him the flat abs that ladies love.
How you should do it: Crunches work your upper abs. To get a muscular midriff all over, alternate them with leg raises. You could also vary the crunches routine for your lower abs. Instead of placing your feet on the floor, place them on a chair (legs about mid-calf at the edge of the seat) and bring your torso up.

RK recommends Bent-over barbell row
Why it’s good for him: Strengthens the lats and upper back.
How you should do it: A variation of the upright barbell row, you bend over from the waist so that your back is parallel to the ground. Now lift and lower the barbell without rounding your back, which is essential for injury prevention.

RK recommends One-arm rowing
Why it’s good for him: Stretches and strengthens the lats.
How you should do it: It’s important to have strong, well-defined lats, both for looking good and also to have a strong back. Use heavy weights to gain bigger arms.

RK recommends Side lateral raises
Why it’s good for him: Gives him drool-worthy deltoids.
How you should do it: Broad, muscular shoulders separate boys from men, and these dumbbell exercises help you achieve well-rounded and powerful deltoid muscles to fill out your stretch tee.

RK recommends Running on mud
Why it’s good for him: Works his calves.
How you should do it: Nice quads can’t look good on matchstick calves. This exercise, which forces you to grip the ground more tightly with every step, exerts extra pressure on the calves and hardens these muscles.


Quotes that Ranbir lives by

‘Handsome is what handsome does’
An adage his mother keeps repeating

‘I like walking in the rain so no one can see me crying’ Said Charlie Chaplin

‘Somewhere something incredible is going to happen’
Says his T-shirt

‘Don’t take success to your head or failure to your heart’
Says his father

‘I love acting. It’s so much more real than life’
Said Oscar Wilde

Charm her in 10 easy steps

1 Smile

2 Listen to her

3 Appreciate her

4 Be chivalrous

5 Be protective, not obsessive

6 Give her space

7 Smile wider

8 Make time for her

9 Make her feel like the most beautiful girl in the world

10 Then stop smiling…the girl’s charmed!