Romancing Ranbir

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What’s the most romantic thing that a girl’s done to impress you?
We live in a country where girls don’t shy away from being romantic. Like right now, there was a contest by CNN-IBN and the girls did the sweetest things ever to impress me. They danced, they sang and even brought me brownies. I was floored.

Do you enjoy this attention since you’ve become a star?
Yes, of course. Who wouldn’t? It’s so flattering and I really don’t think I deserve all of it. It just brings me down to earth.

What’s the most romantic thing you’ve done for anybody?
I honestly can’t think of anything. I just realised that I must be really unromantic. You should actually ask my girlfriend this question.

Tell me about your character in Wake Up Sid.
I play Sid, a slacker. He is lazy — all he wants to do is play video games. He is just out of college and like what happens to youngsters at that point of life, people keep asking him what he wants to do next. Sid has no idea and the story is about him waking up to responsibility. He then meets Ayesha (Konkona Sen Sharma), who is the complete opposite of Sid. She is from Kolkata and is a writer and is absolutely focused on what she wants to do. She helps Sid wake up.

Konkana and you make a very unusual pair.
When I read the script, she was the first person who came to my mind. She was absolutely perfect for the character. She is a fantastic actress and nobody else could have played the writer’s part so well. And there is definitely onscreen chemistry and you will see it in the film.

So how lazy are you in real life?
When I’m working, I’m not lazy at all because I have to wake up at 5 am and shoot all day and all night. I absolutely love that. When I have a day off, I’m completely lazy. I can spend the day lying in bed, just staring at the ceiling. Such days are very rare and I cherish them.

Do you think your chocolate-boy looks restrict you to only certain kind of roles?
I don’t know what chocolate-boy looks are; do I look like a chocolate to you? I guess I have been getting the romantic boy roles but I do have films like Yash Raj’s Rocket Singh – Salesman of the Year coming up, in which I play the underdog.

The director of the movie Ayan Mukherjee is two years younger than you. Did it feel odd being directed by him?
Ayan is so talented. In fact, after meeting him, I was shocked at the amount of information he has. He knows his stuff. His passion for cinema is just amazing. Age was absolutely no issue.

By Natasha Sahgal