RKF Exclusive: Second Innings with RK

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It finally happened again after 34 long weeks! Ranbir Kapoor was back to chat with his fans on RKF on July 25th/26th, 2008 (depending on where you are). The forum was buzzing with activity with more than 80 new members joining post the announcement of the chat. When the man of the moment logged on at 2:15am IST, heartbeats stopped and sugar levels dropped. Ranbir started off by apologizing for being late and was then fired with questions left, right and centre!Bringing to you RKF’s second innings with this sizzling hottie!

Sanam: I’ve read you had originally sung the title BAH track, why didn’t they keep it on the album? I want to hear songs in your lovely voice!! Also, will you be speaking Punjabi in BAH? How fluently can you speak Punjabi in real life? Lastly, Please tell us truthfully, in a fair amount of detail, what you are wearing this very minute, as you chat with us. We need to confirm the accuracy of our visions! G’luck for BAH!! (Even though its going to be a hit!!) Fingers crossed for best actor awards! Love you loads!!

Ranbir: Hey Sanam… How are you doing.. thank you so much.. Yes i did try singing the bah track but honestly i’m quite conscious of my voice and i do believe im a terrible singer so i got out of it… but will sing for you once i meet you… (soon hopefully)….Not really spoken too much punjabi… but the film has a strong essence of punjab… i understand it but dont speak it….Im in my boxers and a tshirt which says :I: lazy

Faezah: Firstly, congratulations on all the awards u received……u truly deserve it……Ranbir i really want 2 see u perform live, why dont u perform in awards shows??? Will u perform next time???

Ranbir: Hey Faezah… Thank you… i always believe that when you perform something on stage in front of the industry, you need the people of the film to be there to celebrate with you… since Saawariya was not particularly recognized at any award ceremony, i decided not to perform.. I”ll surely perform to something next year… 🙂

Prathna: Hey Ranbir, they say they way to a man’s heart goes through his stomach so I am sure all your dedicated fans including me would love to know what is your favourite dish? Hope you had a great stay in Australia and when you return be sure to visit Cairns…Good luck for BAH!

Ranbir:Hey Prathna…I’m a huge foodie.. like all kinds of food.. but favorite is regular home made food i eat everyday… dal, mutton/chicken/fish, paratha’s and some vegetable….Hope you like BAH… worked hard on it… its turned out to be a sweet quintessential romantic date flick.. entertainment to the fullest… 🙂

Sara: Hiiii Ranbir, Sara here. BAH is looking to be a fun movie so all my best wishes for it and all your future projects, hope success and happiness greets you every step of the way. There seems to be a good variety in your future projects. Has it been a conscious decision to only select a variety or would you say you have been lucky with the offers coming at you?

Ranbir: Hey Sara.. Thank you….Yes i’m trying to work and do as many films as i can… really a lot of interesting scripts and filmmakers out there… as of now the films i have signed on are Ajab Prem Ki Gajab Kahani, Wake up Sid, Rocket Singh, Rajniti and hopefully will lock another interesting project soon…

Anab: Hey!!!!…salaamm ….Its ANAB….. I liked you crazily cuz you looked like to the one I love….i see him in you…My half skool knowz dat im CRAZY about youI just wanted to share this with you…my question to you is…How your dream girl will look like??? Like what type of eye…hair…….skin colour specially…..height….wat ever u like…

Ranbir: Hey Anab… Thank you for your kind words… I dont have a dream girl… in particular.. but hopefully will get married to the girl of my dreams 🙂

Shaima: Hey Ranbir! Do you like cinemas from other countries (except hollywood) and if yes which one is your favourite and do you have an actor/director in mind that you like particularly?

Ranbir: Hey Shaima.. I’m an avid cinema lover.. a world cinema lover.. and love watching all kinds of movies… the language doesnt matter..

Hristina: Hi, Ranbir! This is Hristina from Bulgaria. I’m big fan of you. Well, if you and not the director Siddharth Anand had to choose with who to be in the end of the film, who would you choose – Mahi, Radhika or Gayatri? I want to tell you that in Bulgaria you have many fans. Regards from all of us.

Ranbir: Hey Hristina.. would love to visit Bulgaria sometime.. heard so much about it.. going to push 1 of my producers to shoot there.. Who do i end up in the film with? not going to tell you that… i hope the movie works for as a journey of a guy and feel for him as much as i felt performing him…love always 🙂

Nur: Hey Ranbir! Nur here from Singapore! I have a few qns for u, what do u think is the USP of yr next release, Bachna Ae Haseeno? When are u coming to Singapore agn? Hehe I know u dropped by here for a while early this yr 😉

Ranbir: Hey Nur.. I love singapore and spent my last new years eve there… The usp of Bah is its story, the 3 amazingly talented beautiful haseeno’s and the music..

Robina: Hi Ranbir!!!! My question is i’ve read that you’re an introvert do u think that might be at a disadvantage in the movie industry with all the media attention?

Ranbir: Hey robina.. Yes i am an introvert but something happens to me when the director says action.. i love the time i spend between the 2 magical words action and cut… Its truly an amazing feeling.. and i pray i feel like this all my life..:)

Jyoti: Hi Ranbir!, How are you doing? I don’t wanna bug you with too many questions my mind is a bit empty right now, but I just wanted to say what a big fan I am!! I wish you all the luck in personal and professional life!! Love, Jyoti.

Ranbir: Hey Jyoti.. thank you so much.. I hope you see BAH and enjoy the cinematic experience 🙂 If you like see it a dozen of times 🙂

Neha: Hi Ranbir..It feels great to have a chance to interact with you..I’ve watched Saawariya..I must say it was a beautiful film.. The promos of Bachna Aye Haseeno seems very cool and interesting..Im looking forward to watch it. Wish you All the success in your life.. Keep smiling always 🙂

Ranbir:Thank you Neha.. Really sweet of you for your love and support.. i hope i dont let you down… 🙂

Ashyk: Just wanted to ask if there was any chance you will work with sonam again???? I loved your chemistry with her in saawariya….. have u had any more offers to work with sonam???

Ranbir: Hey Ashyk.. Yes i’m looking forward to work with Sona again.. I adore her and think she is 1 of the most talented actresses out there.. we have been offered a couple of movies together but still are waiting for something special to come along… 🙂

Senali: My question is because you have experience as an Bollywood actor what advise would you give to a person who dream of a career in Bollywood as an Actor/Actress.God Bless You Ranbir… : waiting impatiently for BAH…

Ranbir: Hello Senali.. All i say is dream big… because i really believe in this thing i read on a tshirt i bought.. “something somewhere incredible is waiting to be known” – chase it.. and you will achieve happiness and peace of mind.. 🙂

Pari: How much have you changed from July 2007 to July 2008 and how much has life changed overall? Dont get scared of the long list of questions coming your way, I think everyone wants to have a little bit of RK that they can call their own through this chat 🙂

Ranbir: Not changed much Pari.. I still am humbled by all the support on this incredible forum.. i truly am indebted to all you guys.. i wish i can meet all of you and give a big hug and thank you all personally… inshallah we shall meet at some point in our lives 🙂

Tazzy: Hey ranbir…this is tazzy frm london…i think i dont v to say i am ur huge fan…i m sure u know it by now…btw i luv you nd deep’s jodi….u guys luk supercute 2gether…oh yess how is deepika? 1.Any plans to come to London for shooting or holiday?
2. How was it working with the 3 ladies in BAH?

Ranbir: Hey Tazzy.. Deepika is doing well… I do visit london every year… its amazing city and my family loves it too… will be there celebrating new years this year…Working with the 3 haseeno’s has been phenomenal.. each 1 is truly talented, beautiful, sincere, hard working and HOT.. do tell me who u like me best with.. 🙂

Deepika: Hey Ranbir, this is Deepika from Lucknow, India… my questions are: how do u feel after bagging all best new comer trophies? how does it feel to work in an yash raj movie? what would u like to do to carry the RK films legacy forward? how do u find yourself in BAH’s promos? Hehe

Ranbir:Hey Deepika… It really feels great that your hard work is recognized and appreciated… beyond a banner i think what excites and matters most to me is the script and the character… which attracted me most towards BAH…. Yes i respect where i come from and understand my roots.. i need to do something special for my banner and i promise i wont let you down with the film i direct/act/produce for RK films 🙂 I loose objectivity when i see myself on screen.. when you work in a film, its so dear to you that you become numb towards the end of it.. i really hope you guys like the film… 🙂

Arushi: U r jst toooooooooo gud ranbir!!!!!!!!! Jst wanna ask when will u cm to jaipur………….m dyin to meet u!!!!!!!

Ranbir: Hey Arushi i love the city of Jaipur.. Visited many times…:)

Ridhs: Hey ranbir.. any projects with dad or mom yet??? It be cool to see neetu aunty on screen again..

Ranbir: Hey RIdhs.. No film yet with mom and dad… but mom and dad are coming together on a reality show on 9x really soon.. i’m really excited about it… :0

Momo: Hey Ranbir! This is Momo, and I’ve been a fan of ours for a while now! Since my two favorites in actors are you and Imran; if you had a chance to work with him, would you? That would be so super exciting!

Ranbir: Hey Momo.. I loved Imran’s work in JTYJN… He’s truly talented.. i have been offered a couple of movies with him.. lets hope something works out.. will be a pleasure to work with him… 🙂

Pakiza: Hi Ranbir, I am a British Pakistani and a great fan of yours…My family originate from Peshawar ,as I believe your Grandad was from there too…..any plans to visit Pakistan or releasing ‘Bachna ae Haseeno there?As many Bollywood films are releasing there these days.

Ranbir: Hey Pakiza.. Lovely name.. yes my family originated from Peshawar.. Never been there.. would love to visit sometime.. 🙂

Lubna: Hey Ranbir…. So here are my qustions that i want to ask you: Q.1)What is your Nick Name?? Q.2)Aren’t You Scared becoz these days so many new comers are entering to bollywood? And in among them where you Stand????

Ranbir: Hey Lubna… I unfortunately or fortunately dont have a nickname.. my family has a history of bad nicknames(daboo, chimpoo, chintu, lolo, bebo) so my family insisted on retaining my original name which was actually my grandfathers original name.. Ranbir Raj Kapoor….There is an actor born every minute.. you just have to focus on your work, be happy, work hard, make your parents happy and be true to your profession.. thats all that matters..

Chandni: Hi, I can’t believe I am talking to you!! I’m on cloud 9 at the moment!!My name is Chandni and I am 15.

Ranbir: Hi Chandni 🙂

Naina: Hey Ranbir, This is Naina from Dubai, and I’ve got to say you have a huge fanbase here too! Your spreading around the world! Congrats!

Ranbir: Hi Naina 🙂

Farrah M: Dear Ranbir, My name is Farrah (19) and I’m from the Netherlands. I recently saw some promo’s of Bachna Ae Haseeno and I’m really looking forward to the movie and your performance. I hope the movie becomes a huge success for you. I just want to wish you all the best in life and you’re going to be the next superstar in Bollywood!

Ranbir: Hey Farrah M.. thank you … i really hope you like BAH… 🙂

Beyonce: Hi ranbir i love you are a amazing actor my question is what makes you happy?

Ranbir: Hey Beyonce.. what makes me happy.. good food.. a great cinematic shot.. a good movie.. a smile on my parents face.. deepika…a football game.. and most most importantly.. RKF 🙂

Aryan: Is it true you’re working with my favorite actress, Amisha Patel, in Shaad Ali’s next?

Ranbir: Hey Aryan.. No i’m not doing Shaad Ali’s next film…

Ashyk: Hey ranbir, i also wanted to ask, which other director do u want to work with who hasnt signed u yet????

Ranbir: Hey Ashyk.. really would love to work with Rajkumar hirani and Imtiaz ali..

Dhara: i just wanna say, good luck with BAH. its gna be superhit.im gna see BAH like hundred of times. 🙂

Ranbir: Hey Dhara.. Thank you … i hope you watch BAH several times and love it.. 🙂

Sara: Hiiiiiiiiii Ranbir!! Okay here is my set of questions and I hope u answer ’em all.. 1) [1) What’s ur idea of net blogging? Do you wanna start it like other celebrities?? (because there is no way out to contact you directly) 2) Are you doing any movie with Yash Raj Films after Bachna ae Haseeno? 3) I really want to know about your favourite accessory and as well as your favourite shampoo and soap??

Ranbir: Hey Sara.. I’m launching my website sometime next month where i can interact more with you guys.. will be just a personal way to get in touch with me.. Good ‘ol’ Pari is gonna help me with it.. The only YAshraj film i’m doing after BAH is Shimit Amin’s Rocket Singh.. Salesman of the year.. great script.. i play a sardar in it.. 🙂 Fav acc – my new hublot watch.. its a the 1st thing i bought with my earnings and is dear to me.. shampoo – redkin.. soap.. la praiaire..

Katty: hey …. ranbir .. hw r u ????? Wel jus want to tell u tht u are the best ……. mad behind u …… have had debates fighting for u wen sawariya came …. now all the ppl i fought with are loving ur look in bah ….. hope the movies does well ..

Ranbir: Thank yOu Katty… hope u enjoy watching BAh.. 🙂

Chandni: Hey Ranbir. This is Chandni (the other Chandni!) I have some questions for you hoping you can answer them. -What is the worst criticism you ever received? -Who is your fave co-star? (Sonam, Deepika, Minisha, Bipasha) -Are we going to have a surprise ending in BAH? -Which is our favorite song from Saawariya and BAH? -Which actor do you think is your toughest competition? -Who is your favorite actor and actress from the contemporary generation?? -Would you work with older actresses (like Aishwariya, Kajol, Rani, Preiy etc) and is how would that be different from working with contemporary actresses? -Where do you see yourself 5 years from now? -Would you ever work on television as an anchor or host of some kind of a show? -Are you going to work with your cousin Kareena anytime soon?? I would love to see the brother-sister jodi soon. And also to see you with your Dad and Mum!

Ranbir: Hey Chandni(other Chandni 🙂 ) I dont think criticism is bad.. I enjoy hearing my disadvantages, negatives and faults.. in a constructive way though… Sona will always be my fav costar cuz we started our journey together… Surprise ending in BAH – I hope so :)….Ahista Ahista and Jogi Mahi are my Fav from BAH.. Everybody from Amitabh Bachchan to Darsheel safary is competition to me :)… I enjoy performances rather than having a favorite.. but my all time fav actors are Rishi Kapoor and Kajol..I would love to work with all these great talents..I can only answer this question after i have worked with them.. 5 years from now – Back here on RKF chatting with and hopefully still have you as a fan of mine… 🙂 TV anchor – Haha.. no i dont think so.. i need to make a place for myself in indian cinema first… Would love to work with everybody from my family.. nothing planned yet.. how bout a movie with everybody in it?

Cocoa: Hello Ranbir! Well I just wanted to start off by saying that you’re an awesome and a fabulous actor and I hope you go on to become something more prominent of a MEGA STAR! I just wanted to ask you, now tht you’ve worked with 4 beautiful, ladies of the industry- Sonam, Deepika, Bipasha and Minisha – whom did you felt more comfortable working with and whom did you thought you shared the best chemistry with? We heart you Ranbir.

Ranbir: Hey Cocoa.. Thank you 🙂 i’m too new to realize who i share best onscreen chemistry with… but so far i have enjoyed working with all the my leading ladies.. Zohra Sehgal (lilypop) included… 🙂 I heart you too cocoa

Silent Nights: What’sur fav perfume?? N watch???

Ranbir: Hey Silent nights..wish i could know your name.. I’m currently using a perfume made by Zegna.. its quite nice.. i’m quite a collector of watches.. just bought myself a Hublot.. a very fine timepiece 🙂

Divya: Hii Ranbir. The other day i saw a poster of yours wearing a FC Barcelona t-shirt for Pepsi… my question is are you a FC Barca fan or you were told to wear that t-shirt? I am glad you signed your next movie with Konkona Sen Sharma…she is great actress. Wishing you luck for BAH and good health and love.

Ranbir: Hey Divya.. I’m a huge Barcelona fan and i’ve had the privledge to be their Indian brand ambassador.. really nervous and scared to start work on Wake up Sid with Konkana.. shes such a fine talent.. i hope i match up 🙂

Heli Modi: Ranbir I REALLY LOVE U 1) thank for coming……this my first time 2) I have seen saawariya 9 times and I have cried everytime I say it – im not joking 3) Good luck for bachna ae haseeno……….im sure it will be a hit. 4) My family thinks im going mad over u 8) Plz do perform live here in the USA coz im dying to see u 5) I love u

Ranbir: Hey Heli Modi.. I love you too.. Thank you for all the sweetness and love 🙂

Jyoti: Are you planning on doing any world tours/ stage shows soon?

Ranbir: Hey Jyoti.. yes i will do a world tour.. but only when i get a good bank of songs to perform too.. hopefully in 2 years…

Ranbir: Guys.. thank you.. from the bottom of my heart for all the love and support.. its 4 am in the morning and i have an early photoshoot… i better jet to bed… BAH is out on the 15th of Aug.. i really hope you guys enjoy the film.. its a quintessential romantic comedy… had a blast making the movie.. and finally its out in less than a months time.. strangely feeling the same emotions i felt during Saawariya’s release.. Anyways.. i think we go beyond the movies i do.. and i hope we maintain this beautiful relationship… i’ll be back really soon to chat up… promise.. before BAH’s release and update you on stuff.. started work on APKGK and starting WUS this sept.. Shimits film starts in Feb and might sign Mani Ratnams next… Rajniti before that.. I hope these films entertain you guys…

Nighty night.. take care.. talk to you reallllllllllllllyyyyyy soooooooooooooon… Till than… see you at the movies.. ..

Love now and forever… and ever..

Ranbir 🙂

We hope you enjoyed our precious 1 hour and 45 minutes with Ranbir this time around as well! Hopefully we won’t have to wait another 34 weeks for the next chat and will see him again really soon before the release of Bachna Ae Haseeno just as RK himself promised! Till then, keep the RK flag flying high and make sure you catch BAH at a theatre near you on August 15th!