Ranbir on Rajneeti

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Ranbir Kapoor is entering politics…on-screen though. The hunk is eagerly waiting the release of Rajneeti…his first film with director Prakash Jha. The happening actor in conversation with TWF correspondent Sreya Basu

Why should people watch Rajneeti…because of Prakash Jha or Ranbir Kapoor?

In this film there is action, romance, drama, emotion, comedy, tragedy…and there is Katrina Kaif. Do we need any other reason for watching the film!

You have come out of your choco boy look in the film…

When Mr Prakash Jha wrote this character he had a certain idea that this is the way the character should look. He told me that it’s not about looking glamorous. Waise I don’t think I look glamorous in my films (laughs)…I don’t have any such notion like Katrina. This guy (my character) studies abroad; Prakash Jha wanted me to wear spectacles to look studious…I am studying English poetry of 19th Century…Victorian…aisa kuch …he is not into politics but from a political family. I didn’t want to look serious in the film… the specs are making me look like that.

Media buzz says Nana Patekar pestered you a lot on the sets of Rajneeti. True?

Not at all. Nana Patekar was never after my life on the sets. Sometimes there were misunderstandings due to miscommunications, but we used to sort it out through talks. That is a common thing between people who are close to each other. By the way, let me tell you, he cooked the most amazing dishes like bater, jungle chicken and keema for us on the sets.

We have seen the making of the film where you were having a lot of fun on the sets. Can you detail on the tips Nana gave you on playing tabla and eating bananas?

Nana didn’t teach me how to eat a banana (laughs), he taught me how to peel the fruit. See, when you shoot a film for 100 days, there is a bond among the cast and crew. I had a great bond with Arjun (Rampal), Manoj (Bajpayi), Katrina (Kaif), Prakash Jha, Nana Sir…we had a great time shooting the movie. You can also see that bond when you see the film…you will understand that we are really fond of each other behind the scenes as well.

With whom did you bond the most?

Arjun Rampal…he is my brother for life. I love him so much that I am jealous of Mehr, his wife.

This is your second film with Katrina. Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani painted the tinsel town red with your relationship with her…

Katrina is a very, very dear friend. The entire team of Rajneeti is really proud of what she has done in the film.

Did you refuse to work in a Karan Johar film because it also had Shah Rukh Khan in it?

Not at all. It will me my honour and privilege if I get an opportunity to work with him (Shah Rukh Khan). I have no problem working with Shah Rukh Khan or any star.

You are one actor who has been really lucky…on one hand you got films like Wake Up Sid and on the other, there are films like Rajneeti. Where have you laid your focus at the moment?

Honestly, I have been at the right place at the right time. It’s not that I plan my career. I have come into the industry at a time when scripts are changing…new ideas are leading to the making of new kind of cinema. People are now making films that Indian Cinema didn’t dare to shoot years back.

So, are you approaching directors on your own, or offers are coming to you?

No, I can’t speak for myself; I have never done that. Like I said, it must be blessings from my family and the good fortune that I got to work with such big filmmakers; I have not approached anyone. But if I were not a part of Rajneeti, after watching the film I would have gone to Prakash Jha and say : ‘Why the hell you didn’t cast me?’

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