Ranbir brings BW to Bball!

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We already told you that the NBA is trying to bring basketball to India, well now Bollywood is coming to the NBA! DesiHits! met up with B-town star Ranbir Kapoor at Friday night’s New York Knicks vs LA Lakers game at NYC’s Madison Square Garden to talk about everything from his love for basketball to his dating plans!

While players like Dominique Wilkins, Sam Perkins, Kyle Korver, Ronny Turiaf, Linton Johnson, Pat Garrity and LA Clippers’ Baron Davis have already been to India to promote the sport, Indians still seem to prefer Cricket!

So the NBA invited Ranbir to take in some b-ball action while he is in town to shoot “Anjaana Anjaani” with Priyanka Chopra. Priyanka did show up at the game but had to leave to continue working on the movie.

So we met up with Ranbir courtside to talk about basketball, his new movie “Anjaana Anjaani” and his future projects.

The “Wake Up Sid” star told us he has been a fan of basketball for a long time: “I did a lot of basketball when I was in school back in India, but I never really got to see a game. I followed the Knicks when I was in school out here but that was seven years back so I’m a bit out of touch with the new players and stuff, but now I’m on the floor at Madison Square Garden and it’s great.”

But if Ranbir used to watch the Knicks back in the days, he is now a Lakers fan and his favorite player is Kobe Bryant: “I am a big New York Yankees fan but I think I will root for the Lakers today. You hear so much about the Madison Square Garden with concerts and so much stuff happening out here so being here and getting such great seats is just amazing.”

But it’s not all play and no work for Ranbir who soon has to go back to shoot his upcoming movie: “It’s a film called “Anjaana Anjaani,” it stars Priyanka Chopra and myself. We have already shot for a month in New York City and we have another week to go then we go to Las Vegas and San Francisco.”

And Ranbir does indeed enjoy his time in New York City: “New York is the most amazing city,” he told us, adding “you can do anything here. I have a bunch of friends who live here with me, because I am in the movie line I watch movies, Broadway shows, and there are great places to eat, to party, and then you have the Yankees games, so much to do you can spend twenty years of your life here and still feel like you haven’t done much.”

So how does it feel to be out of India for such a long time? Well. Ranbir told us he is doing okay: “Actually it’s good to get out of India, I’ve been shooting in India for the last two years so it’s my first time to shoot in New York City.”

And how about the dating game for the guy who was voted ‘sexiest man’ in India by People magazine last year? Well ladies, he is single! “I am single,” Ranbir confirmed, adding “but that’s it, there’s nothing much to say. I am single.”

So what’s next for Ranbir? “Next I have a film called “Raajnati,” it’s a political fthriller, it should be out sometime end of May then I have “Anjaani Anjaani” in July and then I’m starting a film called “Rock Star,” it stars me and I think a new girl.”

And before Ranbir got to meet Knicks player Nate Robinson and enjoy the game courtside, he had this to say to all his DesiHits! fans: “Thank you for tuning in and I hope that you guys enjoy my movies.”

We sure will! Check out our pics of Ranbir Kapoor at the Knicks vs Lakers game Friday night and share your thoughts!

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