‘I’d like to work my way up’

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Ranbir Kapoor’s interview with Calcutta Times

Your entry into films… Was inevitable. It was a lot like an unspoken truth. I think this is what happens when you grow up in an environment that eats, sleeps and talks cinema. Ever since I learnt how to walk and babble, I’ve always wanted to do see myself up there on the marquee.

Ranbir Kapoor, Imad Shah and Neil Nitin Mukesh — debut vehicles that dare to defy categorization… Isn’t that brilliant? Neil and I have been brothers-in-arms since childhood; I have loved his performance in Johnny Gaddaar. As for Imad, I haven’t seen Dil Dosti etc but I am sure with his genes, he’ll not trip up. Can we not parcel out cinema as parallel or mainstream? Good cinema is good cinema without fretting over which section to classify it as.

A lover-boy image like your father… Is not what I’m getting stuck in. I think it’s too early for me to decide which films I’ll be comfortable with since I haven’t the time or inclination to sit and introspect.

After Saawariya… I see myself doing films that have a strong storyline base. I’m too new to my job to have the gall to decide what ‘my type’ of cinema is. I have just begun my career and I’d like to work my way up and have my work to speak for itself.

Your versatility as an actor… Is to be decided by YOU — the audience. I have worked for Saawariya and I hope my efforts are reflected onscreen. I’d rather not get too scathingly self-critical because I’ll run the risk of getting far too objective.

Your pairing with Sonam… Has been received well. She has lived her role. If we do get paired in future, I think it would be great but I reckon there should be some exclusivity in film pairings otherwise over-exposure tends to play spoilsport.

Your debut in Saawariya… Is more than I could ask for. Getting to work with Sanjay Leela Bhansali has made me only wiser.

Deepika Padukone’s and your film… Release on the same day, I know. But I am way too nervous to even fret over how her film fares. It’s the fate of my film that I’m decidedly focussed on. Nothing else matters.

Equations in the industry… Are rarely if ever balanced unlike chemical equations. While the ratio of the link up to break up formula might work or alternately not work in a movie’s favour, it’s getting the premise right that’s the trick to getting a hit or a miss.

Seeing Rishi and Neetu onscreen again… Would bring back a rush of memories. Sharing screen space with my parents would be fun, don’t you think? I’d be real shy though to have to ‘act’ with mum but if it gladdens her, I’d make all the right noises!

Your consuming passion… Is for all things palatable. I’m a complete foodie. I have been ‘hands on’ on shorshe machh. A close friend of mine is a Bengali. I haven’t picked up too much of Bangla but understand it enough to realize it’s the language of love.