I’m sure my dad would also want to know how I wooed my girl: Ranbir

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He’s only two films old, but Ranbir Kapoor has become one of the most searched names on the Internet. The actor chats about his ‘youth icon’ status and more:

What does ‘youth’ mean to you?
It’s a great space to be in. By space, I mean the time when you’re out of college, undecided about the next step in life, yet you’re dreaming big and have the drive to chase dreams.

Do you feel Gen Y is heading in the right direction?
Yes. My generation dreams big. We don’t define success by the size of our house or our salary. Success is being confident about any profession one is in.

What is it like being a youth icon today?
I don’t understand the term but I still respect it. I think Amitabh Bachchan is more of a youth icon because everyone wants to be like him.

Your dad plays Saif Ali Khan’s love guru in Love Aaj Kal. Do you agree with your dad’s viewpoints on love in the movie?
Largely. Love is about trust and being committed. I don’t believe in the concept of soulmates, though. Love is a strong term and is often misused. When we have girlfriends, we tell everyone we’re in love, when it’s only attraction or a little more than that.

Aren’t most youngsters afraid of commitment?
I can’t speak for everyone, but I am not commitment phobic. I’m in a relationship and no one ever forced me to be in it. So why would I be scared?

Is there a set formula to woo women today?
There are no set formulae in love. But originality always works. I’m sure my dad would also want to know how I wooed my girl.

How do you feel about moving out of your house into your own private space?
I would never move out. But if I ever did, I would be spending as much time with my parents as I do now. Moving out is fine but detaching yourself from your family is not fair.

Do you think sex education should be encouraged?
Why not? There’s no harm discussing sex with your children. It can help families avoid heartburn and humongous hospital bills.

Do you think that urban India is partying more than it should?
Partying once in a while helps unwind. But one can’t go partying every night because one can’t report to work the next morning feeling untidy and looking like s**t. At least my job doesn’t permit me to get drunk and get home at 3 am.

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