I have zero style sense

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A straight talking, but nervous-as-hell Ranbir Kapoor walked the ramp for fashion designer Arjun Khanna’s show at the ongoing Lakmé Fashion Week, on March 29. Shweta Shiware kept him company while he got ready for his “second debut.”

Actor Ranbir Kapoor may be the current heartthrob of Youngistan, but that doesn’t stop him from being human, or nervous. An hour before he was scheduled to walk the ramp, for the first time ever, for designer Arjun Khanna’s show at the ongoing Lakmé Fashion Week, he had parked himself in suite no. 1934 at The Oberoi Hotel, to relax to some music and practice his walk. He broke the first fundamental rule of fashion, when he announced, “I have zero style sense!” But when a guy who’s been heralded as the star of the next generation, throws this statement at you, straight-faced, you want to embrace his nonchalance.

Saawariya’s acclaim has metamorphosed an unsure young man, into a pinstripe shirt and jeans-clad movie star, who has an entourage of assistants at his beck and call, including one named Leo, who was entrusted with the task of taking his calls on his iPhone, while we quizzed him on his style sense. In the greenroom I look like a robot! He took a few sips of wine, while the make-up and designer troop flocked around him. Kapoor junior was by far, the least demanding star we have met in a while. He stood there, waiting to be moulded into a fashion icon for Gen Y, with no “Can we do it like this?” or “Can I wear this like that?” request-that-is-actually-a-demand. But he did mutter a faint, “The bronze make-up makes me look like a robot!” He was nervous, we could tell, but his designer-cum-buddy, Arjun Khanna may have eased the tension with a “It looks perfect!”, minutes before he was set to go on stage.

Quick 5 with Ranbir

How long do you take to dress up? Not more than 10 minutes. I’m not a fussy dresser. In fact, my hair takes longer to do.

What’s your favourite garment in the wardrobe? It has to be the blue Bandhgala that I wore to the Filmfare Awards; I love the funky pants that go with it.

Are you nervous about your ramp debut, tonight? A little. After Saawariya, this feels like my second debut.

How long have you known Arjun? It’s been almost a year now. I stay close to his boutique, and every time I would pass by, I was intrigued with what he was stocking. So, one day, I dropped in with my mother (Neetu Singh), and I got hooked to his style.

Any chances that he’ll style you for your films? I am just looking for the right script, that will allow me to work with Arjun.

What fascinates you about Arjun’s designs? More than the clothes he designs, I am attracted to his persona — I mean it a heterosexual way, of course! He’s a great guy, with a cool personal style. Besides, he has a great collection of bikes.

Designer speak “Ranbir’s willingness to admit that he doesn’t know everything there is to know about fashion, and therefore, to learn, to be real, is reason why he’s the current youth icon. He fits into my designs like a dream.” – Arjun Khanna, fashion designer

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