EXCLUSIVE: Ranbir’s first ever chat with RKF!

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November 30th was no ordinary day for fans of Ranbir Kapoor. Fans from all over the world – India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, USA, Canada, UK, Peru, South Africa – all of them had assembled at his forum to get a chance to talk to the rising superstar for the very first time. The ‘RK Girls’ as we like to call them, were going insane. A million thoughts racing through their mind…‘Will he really come?’, ‘Is it really him? Or is this a fake Ranbir?’, ‘What will I ask him? I think I’m going to faint!’. The dashing young man was there on the dot at 11.30pm, answering his fans’ questions for an hour and a half. We present to you the first ever chat RKF had with Ranbir Kapoor!

He starts with a ‘Hello everybody.. So glad to be here.. i finally get a chance to talk to you guys… hope u all doing well…and then begin the questions!

Malvika: Heyyyy Ranbir!! Welcome to RKF!!!!! My questions to you are…what’s your favourite colour? And which cologne do you use?? And shampoo and toothpaste??? Actually, my friends Mohini, Pooja, Darshna nd Gunjan are all crazy about you, and they all send you their love!! Also, I loved u in Saawariya, can’t wait to see more of you!!

Ranbir: Hey Malvika.. Thats so sweeet of you.. I usually dont have a preference in colognes.. i keep changing them.. i currently am using Jean paul Gaultier… Fave color.. White.. shampoo.. redkin.. toothpaste… crest.. And do give my love to Mohini, Pooja, Darshna nd Gunjan..

Sanam: I must say, you were amazingggggg x 1074574874575769058690 in Saawariya!! Both my parents at the intermission were all praises for u, and they both say you will definitely, NO DOUBT, become a hugeee star – and I agreee!!

Ranbir: Hey Sanam.. thank you so much.. and pls thank your parents too.. 🙂

Shaguftah: We all think you are an incredible entertainer, this may be a little early to ask in your career, but would you ever consider doing a world concert tour?

Ranbir: Hey Shaguftah.. yes i would definately be doing a world tour.. but in 2009.. you usually need a good bank of songs to go on a world tour.. so hopefully the films i work in, have good songs..

Sharoni: How is it acting with other actresses besides sonam, meaning comfort level, since you guys are childhood friends?

Ranbir: Hey Sharoni.. I just started this new film a week back.. been shooting with Bipasha and having a wonderful time at work.. she is extremely co-operative and has no airs about herself..

Deepika: My questions: the actress with who you’d like to work with? your upcoming projects? (don’t reveal them, but give us a lil hint hehehe) your fav song from Saawariya? your other fav songs n’ singers? why did u choose to work in saawariya??

Ranbir: Hey Deepika.. the actress with who you’d like to work – Madhuri Dixit your upcoming projects? (don’t reveal them, but give us a lil hint hehehe) – Just the YRF film so far.. not in a hurry to sign anything else now cuz this keeps me busy will mid-april.. doing few commercials too.. your fav song from Saawariya – Pari why did u choose to work in saawariya?? – Big fan of SLB and loved the script, character and everything bout the movie..

Naani: Hi Ranbir… Here’s Naani, 21 from Maldives…. Come here for a holiday one day… You will enjoy for sure..my questions to you are what is your favourite cartoon? And which channel do you watch frequently?

Ranbir: Hey naani.. I’m dying to visit the Maldives.. will visit it soon.. Fav Cartoon – Tom and Jerry Fav Channel – travel and living

Ran-Vid: Tell me please, would you like to work with Rani in another movie again?

Ranbir: Yes would love too..

Tabu: Heyyyyyyyyy Ranbir u were just fabulous. The way u played Ranbir Raj was just too cuteeee….u were just OUTSTANDING!!!! The next best actor of tomorrow!!! my questions are what is ur all time fav song? And your fav scene from saawariya? Luv u lot loadz

Ranbir: Hey Tabu.. you are so sweet.. thank you.. My fav song – Kissi ki muskurahaton pe ho nissar Fav scene from saawariya – The scene where i confess to Lilypop..

Sarky: HEY RANBIR is it true… ur cousin kaRisma spilled wine on ur shirt at her dadz bday party n u guys just had a good laugh… i read about it. confirm please…

Ranbir: No its completely untrue..

Noomthaj: Ranbir…pls do come to Bahrain sometime…u’ve got a large fan base here….We all love u..

Ranbir: Hey Noomtaj.. would love to visit Bahrain..

Dreamz_Unlimited: Heyy Ranbir… Has the shooting of Sid’s movie started? How’s it going?? Good luck with it, am sure you’ll do fantastic!! You cannot imagine how much we all are desperate to see more of you already haha

Ranbir: Hey Dreamz Unlimited.. i’m having a blast while shooting Sid’s movie.. Its such a great script.. very talented cast and crew.. Should release by 15th of Aug..

Nya: Hey Ranbir I know everyone’s been dying to know.. are you dating anyone?

Ranbir: Hey Nya.. Nope not dating anybody.. would love to take out sometime off work but really tied up now..

Saima: Hey ranbir! I read in a magazine that ur not a drinker. Is that true that ur not a sharaabi? Cuz the world nowadays is full of sharaabis and it’s nice to know there are some that aren’t especially in bollywood or even hollywood. So what’s the answer?

Ranbir: Hey Saima.. No i am not too fond of alcohol.. I more of a social drinker but nothing more then a beer..

Stacey: Hi Ranbir, I thought you were brilliant in Saawariya and look forward to seeing you in your next films. My questions to you – what is your favorite candy? And also what is the hardest thing about being an actor?

Ranbir: Hey Stacey.. I’m not a candy guy.. but my fav deserts are creme brulee` and mishti doi.. and the hardest thing about being an actor is not to be 1 but be yourself.. my father told me once – acting is about putting in so much effort that it should come across effortlessly.. otherwise you are in TROUBLE

Sarah: Heyyy Ranbir , My questions to ya are 1. What kind of movies u would love to direct one day ? 2. What kind of movies u would like to do in the future with Sonam? Romance , Comedy …etc Thanks

Ranbir: Hey Sarah… There is not 1 particular genre.. would like to make all kinds of cinema… but i guess LOVE should always be the underlying central theme… Sonam is gonna be busy with Delhi 6.. but i’m sure we’ll come across an interesting script for the both if us.. soon hopefully 🙂

Oummah: Ranbir Kapoor!! OMG..I can’t actually believe I’m about to speak to you!! Hope you come to the UK one day!! I want to meet you!! Get your autograph, maybe a couple of snaps.. hehe. Ok, my question to you is – I read that your working on your own script for RK films, what’s the genre going to be of the film? Will you be in it yourself?

Ranbir: Hey Oummah.. I travel to London twice a year every year.. so i hope i bump into you sometime.. yes the movie i’m gonna direct, will star me.. the other actors are too expensive so i might as well take myself 🙂

lehalua07: Hey Ranbir !!!!! Congrats on ur success…I wanted to ask you is it really true what Sonam said about u on ibn that u don’t like to go out that much? I was wondering then generally how do u spend time with your friends? I hope its not too personal. And how important is it to maintain friendships in ur life? Thanks a lot and I must say like everyone else here u r simply brilliant ….byeeee

Ranbir: Hey lehalua07… I’m too much of a homebody.. so i like spending time at home with family.. with my dogs.. got 2 of them… dudley and pugley.. both are pugs.. i watch a lot of movies at home.. play some xbox.. try and write( though i suck at writing).. i’m quite an introvert so its usually hard for me to make friends.. my friends have been with me since nursery.. they havent changed.. and i love them to death..

Sanam: ONE QUESTION SUM OF US WERE WONDERING: are you kool with girls showing up outside your house to meet you?? Probably not right, since its an invasion of privacy and all, am I right?

Ranbir: Hey Sanam. yes you can come and meet me anytime at my place.. i’m not usually home nowadays cuz i’m busy shooting and pack up pretty late and i wouldn’t want like any girl to come so late.. but should be relatively free by end dec.. so we shall meet then 🙂

Ran-Vid: Ranbir, have you ever imagined that you had fans in Peru? Like me? And what’s your favorite dessert? =)

Ranbir: Peru??? wow.. thats amazing.. thank you.. and my fav desert is creme brulee` and mishti doi(its a bengali desert and i strongly advise you to try it ) 🙂

Somya: Hi Ranbir do you come on this fan club often and do you really read our posts here?

Ranbir: Hey Somya.. yes i try and visit this wonderful site as often as i can.. it really boosts my confidence and makes me smile.. but i do get embarrassed sometimes with the compliments…

Butterfly: Hey Ranbir , I LOVE U !!! You are such an amazing actor .. I loved your performance in saawariya … I can’t wait for your next film ! It is really sweet of you to come here n chat with us …My question for you is : What is your favourite english song ? U can take your time to answer my question…

Ranbir: Hey butterfly…Thank you.. my fav english song is Boxer by Simon and Garfunkel.. its like my anthem in life.. do hear it and let me know if u liked it.. wonderfully written song..

SRKajol: Hey Ranbir, How are you? What is the best thing about being a star? What’s your favourite childhood memory? Who is your favourite Bollywood jodi? Is it true that Kajol is your favourite actress?

Ranbir: Hey SRKKAJOL.. What is the best thing about being a star – The fact that i’m getting so much of love and appreciation from you guys What’s your favourite childhood memory? – Many… sorry cant just summarize my beautiful childhood.. Who is your favourite Bollywood jodi? – Raj Kapoor/Nargis, Rishi Kapoor/Neetu Singh (Sorry i’m biased) Is it true that Kajol is your favourite actress? – Yes she absolutely is!!!

Tazzy: I jus loved ur acting in Saawariya…u and sonam’s chemistry was mindblowing…ok my question is how is it like working with 4 actresses in a one movie?

Ranbir: Hey TAzzy.. thank you.. i’m glad u liked Sonam and my work..Ive just started working with Bipasha right now.. she is an amazing person.. very real and friendly.. and extremely beautiful.. i work with minisha in Dec, Deepika in jan and Katrina in MArch.. will tell u in April about the experience..

dppatel2: Can i help you write bir, i have good imagination?

Ranbir: Yes dppatel2.. please help!!!

Laveen: Hey Ranbir! I want to ask you if you think a director from the Indian film industry would agree to let someone assist them, who does not have a film background? I don’t know anyone from the film industry, living in Canada, and I haven’t gone to film school as I can’t afford it. The only experience I have is from high school drama. I know this might be a stupid question, but I would really appreciate it if you could answer it. Thanks, lots of love and luck for the future!

Ranbir: Hey Laveen.. My honest advise to you is to assist a filmmaker.. somebody who;s work you admire.. cuz i promise you, it will teach you more then any film or acting school can teach you… all you have to do is come to Mumbai, go to the office of director, and speak to the assistant director and i;m sure it will all work out.. all my best wishes to you.. i’m sure it will all work out 🙂

Kaya: Heyy cutie, may i ask wat kind of stuff do u look for in a gal..reply if possible..

Ranbir: Hey Kaya…i really dont have a type.. nor am i looking for love.. i guess you just have to connect to a person and thats the most important thing.. whatever makes you happy..

Sunehri: How would you describe your relationship with Sona? Is there any chance you might hook up in the future?

Ranbir: Hey Sunehri.. Sonam is an amazing person… we share a great relationship but we aren’t seeing each other.. I hope she falls in love with a great guy who will keep her happy..

Sara: Welcome to RKF!!! Thanks so much for taking the time to drop by here, means alot to all of us. My Questions 1) Your favourite movie so far this year? (other than saawariya) 2) One film that you thought was absolutely horrible?

Ranbir: Hey Sara.. My fav movie this year has been Jab we met.. really sweet romantic comedy.. Chak De India was good too..I hated Jhoom Barabar Jhoon and Aag..

Ishita: Girl of simplicity OR girl from the film industry?????

Ranbir: Hey Ishita.. like i said, it really doesnt matter.. simplicity, from the industry or anything..being in love is a wonderful feeling and its beyond everything…

dppatel2: Who is your fav. hollywood actor and actress?

Ranbir: My fav hollywood actor and actress – Dustin Hoffman and Jennifer Connely..

Ranbir: Alright guys have a early call time tomorrow and have to be up in 6 hours.. i should crash now.. its really been a pleasure chatting with all of you and i promise to be back soon.. it was so much fun… THANK YOU.. from the bottom of my heart.. thank you.. love you all… talk to you soon… Till then, see ya at the movies 🙂 P.S – really dont feel like going but have to 🙁

And there you have it! A chat with the man himself! It was a dream come true for every Ranbir Kapoor fan and we hope we get to chat to him again very very soon!