“My daadi is my favorite cook”

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Offscreen, Ranbir Kapoor is as charming as he is onscreen. He can’t resist buying salami and cream cheese though his favourite food is jungli mutton and paya made at his daadi’s house.

Ranbir’s Thought For Food

I AM a complete non-vegetarian. There is a lack of vegetables in my diet so my mom (she’s the policeman in the house) makes vegetable juice for me in the morning. It contains all the possible vegetables so I get my intake. Besides, I have one vegetarian dish with my food.

I WAKE UP according to the the shoot timings which is around 7:30 or 8 am. The first thing I have in the morning is either orange or mosambi juice. Mosambi is my favourite. Later, I have half a glass of hot water with honey and a few almonds.

MY BREAKFAST usually comprises egg whites and a glass of vegetable juice. The vegetable juice changes from day to day. Sometimes its tomato, sometimes karela – all the bad-tasting vegetables basically. I have been on it since a year now.

IF I AM HOME, I have home food for lunch, which is generally Indian. One sabzi and dal. I am not much of a rice eater. I prefer roti or paratha. My favourite sabzi is bhindi.

I AM NOT TOO FOND OF EATING OUT often, so I try and eat as much as home food as I can. I carry my own lunch to shoots.

I DRINK A LOT OF WATER throughout the day. I also have Gatorade.

I HAVE SOME FRUIT IN THE EVENING or some egg or chicken sandwiches. My sandwiches are made of brown bread.

I NEVER HAVE CARBS for dinner. I usually have barbeque chicken or a roast chicken with some boiled vegetables.

IF I FEEL LIKE BINGEING on food, I indulge myself. On Sunday, we usually go out for family lunches or we go to my grand mom’s house where I am served payas, jungli mutton or mutton pulao and other irresistible stuff.

I RUN A LOT and play football regularly. I frequent Gold gym in Bandra four times a week. I do weights. I have a protein shake both before and after a workout.

I AM NOT ALLERGIC to anything but I hate tendli. I don’t hate anything in non-vegetarian fare.

MY CHILDHOOD MEMORY of food, like most kids, include butter chicken because we all grew up on that taste. I also grew up on paya that my grandmom makes at her house. I am very attached to that taste as well as the cook has been there with us for 50 years. He has been cooking since my grandfather’s time and they say he has maintained the taste. The paya that he makes is the most delicious thing I have ever eaten.

IN MY ICE BOX there is Gatorade and Pepsi. In my lunch box I have parathas with ghee.

IN MY FRIDGE you will always find cream cheese, frozen dim sums, sausages, salami and ham.

MY FAVORITE COOK in my family is my daadi.

I LIKE MAKING EGGS, I can make a meal of scrambled eggs only.

WHEN I WENT ABROAD to study, I just carried a lot of canned Indian food. I would microwave and eat it. Once I tried making keema, I liked it but my roommate thought I had failed miserably. Nevertheless, I thought it was a good effort.

MY BEST DINING FRIENDS are Abhay, Rohit, Binoy, and Jonu. These are my boys. We try to go to every restaurant possible. It could be anyone, from Gazalee to Zodiac Grill.

MY COMFORT FOOD is chicken curry, dal and roti.

MY FAVOURITE HOLIDAY DINING EXPERIENCE is Peter Lugers in New York. it has the best steak that I have ever had in my life. I have travelled a lot, but I think I have yet to taste steak that is better than Peter Lugers.

I DONT EAT spicy food.

MY FAVOURITE CUISINES are Indian, Japanese and continental.

I CAN’T RESIST BUYING salami and cream cheese. I am a big salami fan. I FEEL GUILTY about eating jungli mutton. My mom says red meat is bad but I just can’t resist it. Serve it to me any day and I will blindly eat it.

I FIND THE DOME in the Intercontinental, incredibly romantic.

MY FAVOURITE RESTAURANTS are Gajalee, and Ling’s Pavillion.


MY FAVOURITE BEVERAGE is water. And I like to drink beer occasionally.

MY FAVOURITE FRUITS are bananas and water melons.

MY FAVOURITE DESSERT is creme brulee. In Indian sweets, I like mishti doi and gulab jamun also. Actually I like everything sweet.

ON THE SETS of Saawariya, I would carry home food byt we also had great Gujarati food, which Mr. Bhansali would get from his house. I was never xposed to that kind of food but I got really friendly with it. We had theplas, khandvis, and dhoklas. Mr Bhansali’s mom makes amazing dal dhokli, so we would really look forward to the dal dhokli days.

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