Bare facts about Ranbir

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For a debutant so closely guarded by Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Ranbir Kapoor hardly comes across as the bashful and shy types. Quite the contrary, the newest Kapoor on the block has absolutely no inhibitions when it comes to films — which are already an all-consuming passion for him.


In ‘Saanwariya’ the young man has done a scene in which he’s offfered more a peek of his bare backside, but to his credit, he’s quite cool about it. “Yes, I have bared my butt in the film, and it’s for a song. I was not all embarrassed to do it at all. I would do anything at all for cinema. There are no inhibitions involved. I may be a very shy person otherwise, but once in front of the camera, I can open up. I hope people enjoy watching the scene,” he says. Dressed in a casual shirt and jeans, lounging on his massive couch, and sipping a chocolate milkshake, Ranbir Kapoor gives no sign of the tumult in his mind. But with less than a month to go before he bares his soul in his debut film ‘Saawariya’ (director Sanjay Leela Bhansali), it seems that ‘star son’, and ‘has it all’ are phrases that are beginning to bother him seriously.

Starry snag
“People think that I have it all on a platter just because I am a Kapoor. But please don’t look down on me just because I am born into a ‘film’ family. We have our own disadvantages, our own disappointments. Sure, my rise is faster, but my fall could be harder,” he says with a hint of irritation. “I just want respect for the fact that I also had my own struggle. I went through some very tough times during the making of the film. There were times when I would get depressed, but I kept myself going,”he admits softly.

Career mantra
However, Ranbir adds, “I know that even if I had been launched by my own banner, I wouldn’t have got such a great launch. Sanjay sir has taught me a great deal. Everything I do from now on will always be compared to ‘Saawariya’. It is the benchmark for all I’ll do later.” So is that the reason why he hasn’t signed any films as yet? “I’m reading scripts, listening to story ideas. I want to do all kinds of films. My dad has always told me that many people depend on films for their livelihood, and it’s my job to keep on doing films. That is exactly what I intend to do.”

Pre-release pangs
Right now, life revolves around November 9 (the release date of ‘Saawariya’) for Ranbir. “All I can think of is the release of my film. I am too excited, too scared, too nervous to be thinking of anything else, let alone my next films.” What does he think he’ll be doing a day before the film releases? After a minute or two of deep thought, he smiles, “I’ll Probably be jumping all over my house, screaming out loudly (a la Tom Cruise?). And, on a more sober note, I’ll be spending time with my family.” If it bothers him that his debut is releasing at the same time as a Shah Rukh Khan film, he doesn’t let it show. “I want ‘Om Shanti Om’ (‘OSO’) to do well, and I wish them all the best. I want people to like ‘OSO’,” he says, before flashing that famed Kapoor smile and adding a postscript, “I just hope my film does better than theirs!”