Ranbir has done a fabulous job. In fact, he has far surpassed my expectations. Merely looking like someone is one thing; you can ape somebody but it can look like a caricature. The performance of mimicry artistes is different from that of the real performers, the former can go overboard. But mere looks were not enough. Ranbir's challenge was to look real while still managing to give a glimpse of Sanju, otherwise it would have looked like plastic surgery. Ranbir is so dedicated. If he was required for a 5 am shoot at a lonely place, his make-up man would be there at three. For a whole year, he was available for us all the time. And his dedication is finally showing

Rajkumar Hirani
Author: 2 days ago

Everyone knows that Ranbir is a huge fan of Madhuri and has a crush on her. We thought that we should get him on board. When we went to him for Bucket List, he was more than happy to be part of it. Ranbir loved the story. I would say getting Ranbir was a cakewalk. Ranbir is also similar to Madhuri. He came on sets 45 minutes early and got ready in 5 minutes. He is very approachable. He knows that he is a star but never behaves like a star.

Tejas Deoskar
Author: 3 days ago